About Linelbi

 Since 2013, Anastasiya Elbi has been creating a fresh, modern look for linen dresses that are based on classic Slavic motifs, ethical principles and high- quality materials.  Linelbi ladies look feminine, stylish, and committed to the classics yet dress in casual style.  

    Over the last 7 years, cascading dresses, blouses, trousers and overalls made of linen became well known thanks to a large number of customers in Switzerland, France, Italy, Great Britain, the United States, and Turkey.  The `Mommy & Me’ line became very popular thanks to the creation of the `Sophia Dress’ in 2017. This line is ideal for mothers and daughters, sisters and cousins.  The Linelbi creative team also creates styles for certain occasions, such as weddings and special events.

    In 2020, Linelbi launched a new line of casual sportswear made from linen and cotton, which has a recognizable cut and embroidered elements. This casual look is loved by many customers.

    Today you can find Linelbi among the leading Swiss fashion boutiques such as Jelmoli (Zurich), Gross Couture (Zurich), Nassadonna (Lugano), Dress Up (Basel) and 15 others, thereby confirming not only the relevance of product design but also the high quality.  In addition to the main collections, the brand is always ready to offer retail partners exclusive capsules of fashionable clothes and accessories that support and transmit Linelbi’s key values and aesthetic markers.

    Linelbi’s small professional team puts a large amount of time and energy into selecting the fabric and then processing the material before assembling the finished product.  When choosing fabrics, the priority is always calm neutral colors which transmit emotions of love, care and serenity.  Linelbi often produces unique embroidered pieces that have been tailored to the clients wishes.

    The Linelbi brand is the epitome of a success story reflecting the path of its founder, Anastasiya Elbi.  Anastasiya is a great example of an independent entrepreneur who is in love with her business and able to engage and inspire others with quality products.