About Linelbi

Starting in 2013, Anastasiya Elbi has been developing her owned fashion brand Linelbi, now operates in Zurich, Switzerland, and presents in 20 boutiques located in Zurich, Geneva, Basel, Lugano, St.Moritz etc. Linelbi combine wide different experience of creating fresh and modern look for linen dresses, based on classic Slavic motifs, stylish leather masterpieces, and knitted demi-sport suites as lounge and home wear. The brand is always taking care about clients and retail business partners offering wide range of color decisions and textures for fashionable ladies looked feminine and tender.

Linen capsule.

Over the last 7 years, cascading dresses, blouses, trousers, and overalls made of linen became famous and interesting for many customers in Switzerland, France, Italy, Great Britain, United States, Turkey etc. The ‘Mommy&Me’ line took extremely recognize thanks to the creation of the ‘Sophia Dress’ model, ideal for mothers and daughters, and also sisters.
Linen capsule by Linelbi shares and follows the principles of ethical fashion and maintains the highest quality of tailoring.

Leather capsule.

Many years the separate fashion line of leather women’s wear Linelbi Concept
successful developed. On the eve of the new Spring-Summer’22 season, the creative team of the brand connects all capsules together and forms a new actual brand image – universal and timeless. Natural and well-done leather jackets, shorts and skirts will complement the main models of linen blouses and dresses. Linelbi become diversity brand with universal, timeless and every time fashionable and stylish collections.

Athleisure capsule.

In 2020, Linelbi launched a new line of casual lounge wear made from linen and cotton, which can be a good solution for a casual look; a distinctive feature of the new clothing models is recognizable cut and embroidery elements, which are loved by many customers. The capsule will be enriched with models of jersey tracksuits, knitted suites with jogger-pants, and maxi dresses. The focus of attention for the brand invariably remains sincere emotions and feelings that are
transmitted to each owner of new wardrobe items. The Linelbi team carefully selects all fabrics and yarns, monitors the quality of processing of each piece, creates unique authentic embroidery in ethnic motives and takes care of the perfect fit. Retail partners confirm not only the relevance of product design, but also, they high quality.

The Linelbi brand is the epitome of a success story, reflecting, among other things, the path of its founder. Anastasiya Elbi is a great example of an independent entrepreneur who is in love with her business and able to engage and inspire others, give sincere emotions and a high quality product, while remaining a worthy guardian of family comfort.